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68 değerlendirme
  • Temizlik 8,8
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Malezya konumundan EC kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Konfor Stüdyo
Nisan 2015 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
Good location and ambience
1. 20mins bus ride to Tegel airport 2. 300m to KuDamm, 50m to food stores 3. Large modern studio apartments/suites
The room was as shown on the website and the wooden floor is well polished if somewhat worn. Upon arrival at 6.40pm on a Sunday I found the place locked. Upon buzzing the intercom I was directed to a keypad to enter a passcode to get a keycard stored in a small compartment that popped open. For a while, the lady on the intercom kept referring to "red cases" until I eventually realized that meant a blue keypad near the intercom. The room was pretty much all that reviewers had written about and I did not find anything lacking, except that I could not connect to the wifi the first night.
29 Nisan 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi

Avustralya konumundan Stuart kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Standart Stüdyo
Nisan 2015 Tarihinde 4 gece kaldı
Solo traveller in Berlin
spacious clean rooms with a kitchenette and lovely staff. The location is close to the zoo and train station but I wouldnt view it as the best location for Berlin.
11 Nisan 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi

Hong Kong konumundan SHUN kişi
Superior Stüdyo
Mart 2015 Tarihinde 5 gece kaldı
Nice Hotel
Clean, Comfortable and Downtown
This is my first time to try this hotel. The room is large. It is clean and so comfortable. The people are so nice to us. Also, the hotel is near the downtown. It is a really nice hotel. If I come back Berlin again, I will continue to stay in here again.
07 Nisan 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi

Malezya konumundan michael kişi
İş için seyahat edenler
Konfor Stüdyo
Mart 2015 Tarihinde 5 gece kaldı
great room. but they charge for housekeeping.
spacious room..nice small kitchen..that's all.
Room is perfect. Paid a peak price stayed for 5 days. Towel change they wanna charge 2 Euro. Cleaning room they charge 13Euro. Quite ridiculous. And nobody said Sat laundry is double..if i knew i would have sent it on Fri. 9Euro per piece. All Else is good.
13 Mart 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi

Almanya konumundan Wolfgang kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Şubat 2015 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
Excellent value, great hotel
Great value, freedom of movement, not far from the center
Just great, not the usual Hotel, no doorman, just nice and fresh appartements 10 minutes walk from great Shopping at Kuhdamm area. 15 minutes on foot to Zoo area, 5 minutes to S-Bahn. Great breakfast which Comes as an extra,, many small Shops in the neighbourhood. Appartement Comes with tiny kitchen, great showers. Very good value, opt for the bigger Appartements if you stay longer!
25 Şubat 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi

Danimarka konumundan Jorgen kişi
Konfor Stüdyo
Şubat 2015 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
Great location
Staff, Location, Room
20 Şubat 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi

Almanya konumundan Wolfgang kişi
Tek seyahat edenler
Standart Stüdyo
Şubat 2015 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
good independant place to spend a few days
good connections, good vibe, good value
you have an appartement in berlin, small kitchen, you feel you live here, close to many nice restaurants, near kuhdamm, great place! nobody bothers you, room cleaning every day comes at extra charge, fine for me. it is more like a small condo in the middle of berlin.
12 Şubat 2015 Olarak değerlendirildi

Malezya konumundan PEI kişi
Standart Stüdyo
Nisan 2014 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
nice hotel with clean environment, friendly staff
Service, wifi and home decoration
Nice experience, quiet and safe!
29 Nisan 2014 Olarak değerlendirildi

Güney Afrika konumundan Annemarie kişi
Konfor Stüdyo
Aralık 2013 Tarihinde 4 gece kaldı
This hotel should be your first option !
Space, comfort, classy
This should be your first choice We appreciated the early check in on the morning of our arrival after an uncomfortable flight. The spacious room and modern furnishings were a welcome sight. The room was not only big, but there were enough shelf space and a walk-in closet. The bathroom had a big shower with modern Hans Grohe taps, underfloor heating and a heated towel rail. The kitchen had the necessities with a very nice coffee machine. I cannot comment on the breakfast service as we made our own breakfast with fresh bread and cold meats from the bakery and butchery down the street. The area itself offered a mix of fine dining restaurants and convenience stores. I honestly feel that this hotel is the best option for an extended stay in Berlin– not just because of the spacious room, but also its close proximity to the various public transport stations.
12 Aralık 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Almanya konumundan Xyldrae kişi
Büyük çocuklu aile
Konfor Stüdyo
Temmuz 2013 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
It's like having your own home in Berlin
The Style, Location and Comfort
The hotel room we had was like a studio-type condo unit, or better. The big beds were comfortable. There's a mini kitchen complete with everything you need to cook and store food. THere's also a microwave. It's like having your own home there. The views are good too. Berlin is an extremely big city that even in this part, there are a lot of attractions apart from the major historical landmarks which are not so far from this hotel.
24 Temmuz 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi





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