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Çok İyi

30 değerlendirme
  • Temizlik 7,5
  • Tesis içerikleri 8,0
  • Konum 7,9
  • Oda Konforu/Standardı 7,8
  • Hizmet 7,3
  • Parasal karşılık 7,9
  • Yiyecek/Yemek 7,0
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Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan cary kişi
Küçük çocuklu aileler
Tek Kişilik Ünite (2 Kişi İçin)
Aralık 2013 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Everything we need
Convenient, affordable, comfortable
We like Jogue's - we have stayed here before. The staff are very kind and friendly, and the neighborhood is quiet and safe. They have a nice little restaurant that is pretty good without being too expensive, and they don't over charge for the cold beer. We got lucky with our timing and were able to enjoy a pretty nice and free buffet breakfast every morning this time - nice bonus! The internet is not super fast but usually works, and the kitchen has everything you need. Lots of room on the back porch to hang clothes to dry.
11 Ocak 2014 Olarak değerlendirildi

Kanada konumundan Darrell kişi
Tek Kişilik Ünite (2 Kişi İçin)
Kasım 2013 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
great value for the money
location, staff, rooms
the stay was a very good experience, staff were helpful, and the room comfortable
13 Kasım 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan cary kişi
Tek Kişilik Ünite (2 Kişi İçin)
Temmuz 2013 Tarihinde bir gece kaldı
Good value, everything we needed
Kitchen, quiet, and nice staff
This was our first favorite place in Davao because of the kitchen and reasonable price. Ironically, the food at the small restaurant here is also pretty good, and the friendly staff is pretty quick with the room service. They don't over charge for beers, with a reasonable mark up on the retail price of a San Miguel.
09 Kasım 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri konumundan cary kişi
Tek Kişilik Ünite (2 Kişi İçin)
Temmuz 2013 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
Comfortable and affordable
Friendly staff, good value, good food
We liked it at Jogue's and would come back. There are not many apartelles available in the area with full kitchens, and we were staying for several days and like to cook. Ironically, their restaurant's food is also quite good. Staff are really nice and easy going and helped to make us feel comfortable here. East to walk to NCCC mall & a nice, quiet neighborhood.
10 Ekim 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Singapur konumundan Lau kişi
Superior Tek Kişilik (2 Kişi İçin)
Nisan 2013 Tarihinde 5 gece kaldı
Nothing special or impressive
Near to shopping centre
They charge extra 2 pillows for 100 peso per night and I had to pay 500 peso for 5 nights and no receipt was issue?
05 Mayıs 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Avustralya konumundan suhas kişi
Tek Kişilik Ünite (2 Kişi İçin)
Mart 2013 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
home away from home
spacisous rooms and bathroom, cooking facilities, quiet and private place
stayed there twice and everytime i visit davao, jogues will be the place for me. quiet and secluded place, away from the regular life.. yet very close to 2 shopping malls. fast wifi to stay connected to the world. best feature was to be able to cook in the room. me and my partner always cherish the memories of this hotel.
16 Mart 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Güney Kore konumundan CHULWOO kişi
Yalnız seyahat edenler
Şubat 2013 Tarihinde 3 gece kaldı
The hotel staff were friendly and attentive
Unfortunately, we had in truble in my lost cell phone at that time. We couldn't do anything. Before we lost our hope, they did their best to help to find it. Finally, I got it back by a miracle. Thanks all their steff.
26 Şubat 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Filipinler konumundan Nestor kişi
İş için seyahat edenler
Ocak 2013 Tarihinde 2 gece kaldı
Privacy is of utmost consideration
quiet, safe
my stay in said hotel was very pleasant and convenient..
28 Ocak 2013 Olarak değerlendirildi

Kanada konumundan Curtis kişi
Çift Kişilik Ünite
Ekim 2012 Tarihinde 11 gece kaldı
Great place to stay in Davao
Near SM mall and NCCC mall. Safe and quiet neighborhood. Friendly staff. Clean.
It is not my first stay there. It continues to be my location of choice when in Davao.
22 Ekim 2012 Olarak değerlendirildi

Belçika konumundan Jo kişi
Tek Kişilik Ünite (2 Kişi İçin)
Ekim 2012 Tarihinde 10 gece kaldı
nice place and very quiet
small but comfortable
the rooms where a little small but good enough for 2 people and i loved the area close to the malls for some shopping
19 Ekim 2012 Olarak değerlendirildi





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