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789 değerlendirme
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Suk L.
13 Mayıs 2016
2 bedrooms Duplex Unit
Overall experience is good. Hope for more variation of menu choices in cabanara restaurant. The food is average only. But the room aircon is the worse, no maintenance, the filter not found, not cool at first, gas leakage problem, need refilling of gas. Then ice formed inside the aircon causing it to make loud noise middle of the night, need to temporary switched off to let the ice melted away. The pool guard is hardworking and nice.

09 Mayıs 2016
Totally out of expectation and not really worth the price
The room is small, furniture broken and not well maintain. Toilet has a bad smell and water pressure is low. The air conditioner blower is full with dust, not cold and will leak water. This place is very far from town, if you starve at middle of the night you don't have much choices, only instant cup noodles from the lobby with pricey value. Don't expect you can buy beer at the lobby, the only beer you can get is A&W root beer only. Room lock security is bad, you can't totally lock from inside as the other side of the lock is not installed, and I don't know why. With this kind of price, I have many options. I totally disappointed with this hotel and it's not really rated as what AGODA rate. Far from 7.5!!!!! I feel like being cheated. I think AGODA should put the review carefully. And if you ask me will I return, I will answer a big "NO"

Emily M.
04 Mayıs 2016
Close To Beach

Emily M.
04 Mayıs 2016
Close to beach

Emily M.
04 Mayıs 2016
Relax For Holiday

cathy L.
03 Mayıs 2016
Good experience
It was fun and relaxing. Place was good and clean

Julian L.
01 Mayıs 2016
Trip of couple
I'm enjoy this trip ✌🏻️

Stephenne C.
17 Nisan 2016
Kid enjoy their stay
I went there to bring kids to spend their weekends off and to celebrate my birthday. The place is quite small from what i expected, 2 big bathroom but no bathtub. The swimming pool close too early at 7pm (most of the resort or hotel close at 10pm).

ivy Y.
30 Mart 2016
The worst breakfast I've ever experienced
Definely never come back again !

Ms. R.
22 Mart 2016
Good choice for Relaxing. But not for the Tourists.
Love the friendly and helpful staffs, good and varieties of food for breakfast. Location is exactly beside each. It is a good location if you want an escape for 'me' time. If you are a tourist expecting for a city tour and exploration, this hotel can be very very far from all those facilities. The beach is not nice just cloudy thus not fun for swimming. It is OK for group activities, picnic or just sitting there enjoying the breeze. Perhaps BBQ equipment can be installed there to compensate the swimming activity. When we came, there are few stray dogs by the beach. They are cute though, but can be unpleasant for some people.