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Kusursuz 8,4
12760 değerlendirme karşılığında alınan puan

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12760 değerlendirme
  • Otel Koşulları/Temizlik 8,9
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  • Konum 8,4
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  • Personel Performansı 8,5
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  • Yiyecek/Yemek 7,5

Rudy S.
04 Temmuz 2016
Great hotel with excellent food
Quite a distance from Mong Kok MTR station or airport bus station especially if you bring many luggage. Very crowded hotel. Have to wait for check-in or check-out. The facilities are great especially with swimming pool or gym. Great location with direct excess to MOKO shopping mall, Mong Kok East Bus Station, close to Ladies' Market.

Jonny S.
04 Temmuz 2016
Everything is okay...connect to Moko Mall and Mongkok East Station..internet sometimes very fast like 100mbps especially at night when everybody's sleeping and early in the morning.Beside that,it will be so slow like 3mbps.Dislike stuffs = No knob door at bathroom and the curtain is outside of bathroom which people can lift up the curtain and everything in bathroom will be visible from outside.Maybe it's normal at Hong Kong,but we have to take turn to watch the kids so they don't do anything stupid..

Bruney Sultanlığı
04 Temmuz 2016
Good hotel
Would recommend it to any travellers.

Dian P.
04 Temmuz 2016
I will come back.

Dian P.
04 Temmuz 2016
I heart this hotel.

Joevena L.
04 Temmuz 2016
We travel in family of 4, the place is nice and looks good. size of room is satisfactory as HK is known for small. It comes with a bay window corner with we like it as we can seat at a corner while taking turn to use the bath room. Cleanliness is ok but we do see some dust and hair at corner of the bed. Location is a little distance from Mongkok station but the sheltered link bridge make it convenience to walk to the Mongkok station. Mongkok East station is just right downstair of the hotel which is good!

Hong Kong
04 Temmuz 2016
great hotel
nice staff, great service~ love visit this hotel again and again~^^

Nino S.
03 Temmuz 2016
HK vacation will not be complete without staying at this hotel
The best hotel we ever went! Staff is great! From the check-in, concierge, housekeeping, they're all great! It's easy to come here also because of the K5 bus. Love it! Keep it up!

C C.
Hong Kong
03 Temmuz 2016
Nice stay
tidy and with sufficient space to stay

Laurensia W.
03 Temmuz 2016
Will stay here again next time
the family room is bigger than we thought.We had no problem putting 4 lugages inside the room! Excellent location. Connected to Moko mall, and just across the street from the Flower market.